General Provisions

These Regulations are a standard template and specify the terms, rules and manner of providing the Service by Service Provider for the User. By clicking the "Register" button, you accept the Regulations.

Definitions used in the Regulations should be understood as follows:

  1. Service provider - Maciej Loch IT MONSTER based in Świętochłowice 41-605, Bytomska 55/3, NIP: 6272739604, REGON: 243663761.
  2. Regulations - this document.
  3. Internet tool - a system available via the Internet, operating at enabling the provision of the Service.
  4. Content - online training / online courses published using the Internet tool.
  5. Service - a service provided electronically via the online tool via The Service Provider for the User in accordance with the law and on the terms set out in the Regulations.
  6. Agreement - a contract for the provision of the Service concluded between the User and the Service Provider on the terms specified in the Regulations.
  7. Company - a natural person running a business or a natural person on his own behalf representing a legal person or an organizational unit without legal personality, which it is legally capable of concluding an Agreement with the Service Provider.
  8. A natural person - a natural person with full legal capacity who has entered into an Agreement not related to the business or profession (consumer) conducted by that person.
  9. User - A natural person or a company that uses the Services provided by under these Regulations.
  10. Student - the person who purchased the Content.
  11. Account - an electronic document assigned to the Customer, created as a result of completing the Form registration and fulfillment of other requirements necessary to start and continue working in, o referred to in these Regulations.
  12. Registration - electronic form, the fulfillment of which by the Customer constitutes one of the conditions use of the Services provided electronically by
  13. Login - Your e-mail address.
  14. Password - a string of letters, digits and special characters, known only to the person authorized to work in the online tool.
  15. Fee - the total monthly remuneration for having an Account, in the amount specified in the Price list.
  16. Software - proprietary scripts based on which the Internet tool is owned Service provider.
  17. Settlement period - the period of providing the access to the Internet tool for which the Fee is specified in the Price list. This period is one calendar month.
  18. Notifications - an electronic form of notifications, about the Service, sent to the User in accordance with Privacy Policy.
  19. Privacy policy - defines the method of data processing in the Internet Tools.
  20. Price list - a summary of prices for the provision of the Service, referred to in the Regulations, being an integral part part of the Agreement.
  21. Cookies - small text information sent by the web server and saved on the website The user.
  22. E-mail address - e-mail address (active e-mail address).

Types and scope of services

  1. The Service provider provides paid services.
  2. As part of the Paid Services, the User, after registration, has the option of using the plan One plan. The plan One includes:
    • an additional $1 per transaction
    • unlimited courses
    • unlimited video
    • unlimited students
    • adding a free course
    • unlimited hosting
    • integrated payment processing
    • free SSL certificate
    • custom domain name
    • email support:
  3. Price for the Service has been specified in the Price list, available at
  4. Payment policies are described in the Payments sections of these Regulations.

Changes to the regulations

  1. The Service provider reserves the right to change the Regulations. Any such change shall enter into force upon receipt notifications that may be provided by Skyier by posting information on the site:, by e-mail or in any other reasonable manner. All modifications of this pages will be considered as a publication for information purposes. If the change is reported by posting on a website, it is deemed to enter into force after its publication; if the change is sent by email, it is considered to be effective at the time sending an email; and if the modification is notified in any other way, it is considered that it becomes effective when the relevant notice is sent or issued by Skyier or in his behalf. Further use of the Internet tool after receiving notification of such modifications will definitely be considered as acceptance of any changes to these Regulations.

Conclusion and termination of the contract

  1. It is only possible to start using the Services by the User in the event of prior knowledge and acceptance of the provisions contained in the Regulations, as well as after registration and access to an individual Account. The condition for starting work in the Internet tool is also the conclusion of a contract for entrusting the processing of data with the Service provider of which speech in the Department of Personal Data Processing and Protection. Total fulfillment of the conditions described in this the point is tantamount to concluding a contract for the provision of electronic services, the subject of which is to use the Skyier.
  2. The Service provider has the right to terminate the contract for the provision of services without keeping the notice period and stop providing the Services in the following cases:
    1. the User breach of essential provisions of the Regulations
    2. placing the content by the User iancompatible with applicable law or good customs
    3. use of the Services by the User against its intended use.
  3. Termination of the Agreement by the User may take place at any time at the address from the email address associated with the Account.
  4. The Service provider is not obliged to store the User's content and may delete the Account and content immediately after termination of the Agreement.


  1. The fees has been specified in the Price list, available at
  2. The User has the option to pay for the plan One, referred to in the Types and scope of services section, using the online payment system (card payments are processed by Paylane).
  3. Fees are paid in advance for subsequent Settlement periods.
  4. The Settlement period ends on the day preceding the date which corresponds to the date of commencement of using the Internet tool by the User.
  5. The User agrees to automatically charge the credit or debit card for all due fees in a given Settlement period. At the same time the User agrees that the Service provider will use third party intermediaries in the payment process as well as disclose the transaction data to them.
  6. The remuneration for each subsequent Settlement period will be charged automatically, until the User resigns from the Service.
  7. The resignation can take place at any time by independent removal of the credit or debit card from the administration panel.
  8. After the payment is booked, the User will receive a VAT invoice by e-mail to the address indicated.
  9. In the event of non-payment by the User, the Service provider reserves the right to block the possibility of registering and logging Students to his account in order to purchase or view previously purchased Content.
  10. The Transaction Fee, the size of which has been specified in the Price list, available at, is not refundable to the User in the event that the Content is returned by the Student.

Price list changes

  1. The Service provider reserves the right to change the Price list. Any such change shall enter into force upon receipt of the notification, which may be provided by Skyier by: posting information at or by e-mail. If the change is announced by posting on the website, it shall be deemed to enter into force upon its publication. If the change is sent by email, it is considered to be effective at the time of sending the message to email address. Your continued use of the online tool after receiving notification of such changes will be definitively considered as acceptance of any changes to the Price list.


  1. All possible complaints should be submitted by the User via e-mail on e-mail address:
  2. The Service provider will consider the complaint notification within 14 days from the date of receipt of the notification.

Processing and protection of personal data

  1. Privacy policy explains what and for what purpose Personal Data is collected and who is theirs Administrator.
  2. Service provider in connection with the processing of data entrusted to him by the User uses the Amazon Web Services, Inc. in the field of hosting cloud services, which includes Amazon EC2 to maintain the application layer and the persistence layer, Amazon CloudFront as Content Delivery Network, Amazon SES to handle transactional messages, to which the Customer agrees.

Right to published content

  1. User is the owner of the Content published via the Internet tool.
  2. By publishing the Content, the User grants permission to Skyier to share and distribute the content, but does not dispose of any ownership rights.

Responsibility for copyrights

  1. Skyier respects the intellectual property of others. Therefore, it will promptly investigate and investigate the alleged violation and take appropriate action in accordance with applicable intellectual property laws. Notifications should be submitted to:
  2. The Service provider will terminate access for Users who are multiple offenders. No return no money will be awarded.

Exclusion from liability

  1. The User acknowledges and agrees that the use of the website and its content be entirely at your own risk.
  2. The Service provider does not make any statements and to the fullest extent permitted by law waives all guarantees, including but not limited to guarantees of infringement of intellectual property rights or other rights property rights or regarding the validity of information or content.
  3. In addition, the Service provider does not give any warranty for the accuracy, reliability, completeness and timeliness of the content published using the Internet tool.